5 Critical Vacuum Excavator Spares

While all equipment wears over time, the last thing you want is to have a failure of a critical item that stops your vacuum excavation operation. While it’s not practical to carry every spare, these are our top 5 critical vacuum excavator spares to get you out of trouble

Blower drive belt

There are a lot of different belts around and depending on your location and your service provider, you may not be able to get a belt for several days. Carrying a spare allows you to go to a nearby suitable mechanic and get back to operation fast.

Water Pump drive belt

As with the blower drive belt, if this fails, you can’t dig any more and you don’t want to be waiting around.

Water pressure unloader valve

Failure of the unloader valve can leave you without water pressure to dig.

Water Filter

Water filters (or Y strainers) need to be cleaned regularly and it is possible for these to be damaged during cleaning. A damaged water filter can result in damage to the water pump which reduces the efficiency and becomes an expensive repair.


Nozzles are a consumable that often have ceramic tips which are easily damaged though misuse, impact with the ground and from normal wear. It is worthwhile having at least one spare nozzle but if you regularly have different ground types to cut consider having spares of one or two of the main nozzle types you typically use. Also, make sure that the nozzle suits the water flow and pressure you are operating with.

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