5 Key consumables to carry on your sucker truck

The following are 5 of the key consumables that you will use when operating a sucker truck.

This isn’t to say you won’t need other things but sooner or later you will definitely be looking for these.

1. Nozzles

Nozzles are a consumable that often have ceramic tips which are easily damaged though misuse, impact with the ground and from normal wear. It is worthwhile having at least one spare nozzle but if you regularly have different ground types to cut, consider having spares of one or two of the main nozzle types you typically use. Also, make sure that the nozzle suits the water flow and pressure you are operating with.

2. Gun

Guns will wear over time however can also be damaged though misuse and impacts. Quick release fittings attached to the guns can also become worn or damaged and the resulting leaks can reduce available pressure and also leak or spray water over the operator making the work uncomfortable. A gun can be changed in the field with the correct tools to allow you to continue working.

3. Grease

Keeping the machine maintained regularly by greasing as per the manufacturer’s instructions (generally hinges, valves etc) will increase the working life of the machine and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns.

4. Duct Tape

It’s useful to carry a roll of duct tape to provide a temporary patch where a vacuum hose has become worn and starts to leak reducing the suction at the end of the vacuum hose. This is only a temporary fix and must not be used where it can result in a hazardous situation. Any damaged or worn hoses should be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

5. Vacuum hose O-rings

Whether the hoses use camlock or bauer type hose connections, it is worth carrying spare o-rings. When these wear out, suction can be lost though leaks at the o-rings reducing efficiency.

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