5 Key consumables to carry on your sucker truck

The following are 5 of the key consumables that you will use when operating a sucker truck. This isn’t to say you won’t need other things but sooner or later you will definitely be looking for these. 1. Nozzles Nozzles are a consumable that often have ceramic tips which are easily damaged though misuse, impact Read More

5 Critical Vacuum Excavator Spares

While all equipment wears over time, the last thing you want is to have a failure of a critical item that stops your vacuum excavation operation. While it’s not practical to carry every spare, these are our top 5 critical vacuum excavator spares to get you out of trouble Blower drive belt There are a Read More

5 Tips for efficient Vacuum Excavation

The following are 5 tips to help achieve a good efficiency in your hydro excavation operations 1.Maintain Good Airflow In vacuum excavation, movement of air is what transports the soil or debris to the spoil tank via the vacuum hose. A high velocity (in the order of 200 km/h) of air through the suction pipe Read More